Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ross on Wye

A friend heard we were going to Ross on Wye for the weekend and said that they had heard it was on a river!  But which one…

(That’ll be the River Wye then).

Anyway, these are pictures of literally the best 700 year old barn we saw.

Ross On  Wye 005Ross On  Wye 007Ross On  Wye 016Ross On  Wye 020Ross On  Wye 034Ross On  Wye 040

We also walked around the countryside and went to a castle, which was all very nice and nearly Welsh, just like the local accents.  We accidentally drove into Wales on the way home – we’d have loved to stay, but we were driving in precisely the wrong direction, which on an island you can only do for so long before you fall into the sea.

Ross On  Wye 046Ross On  Wye 071Ross On  Wye 078Ross On  Wye 084Ross On  Wye 093Ross On  Wye 099Ross On  Wye 105Ross On  Wye 107Ross On  Wye 123Ross On  Wye 141Ross On  Wye 152

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Carsington Water

A couple of shots of birds on Carsington Water today. 

Carsington Water 023Carsington Water 026Carsington Water 030Carsington Water 031Carsington Water 037

And a bath of flowers…

Carsington Water 014

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

April in London

17th Century Northampton, apparently

London trip 003

A random London terrace…

London trip 011

British Museum

London trip 048London trip 050London trip 061London trip 067London trip 074London trip 079

Natural History Museum

London trip 086London trip 116London trip 121

Trafalgar Square and Westminster

London trip 132London trip 134London trip 143London trip 151London trip 171London trip 176

Sunday, 5 April 2015

North Wales in the rain – Porthmadog, Conwy, Caernarfon


Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey


Beaumaris Castle MoatBeaumaris Castle mossy windowBeaumaris Castle gate next to the sea sign

Caernarfon Castle and town

Wales Porthmadog 2015 221Wales Porthmadog 2015 227Wales Porthmadog 2015 232Wales Porthmadog 2015 247Wales Porthmadog 2015 055Wales Porthmadog 2015 049Wales Porthmadog 2015 269

National Slate Museum, Llanberis

Wales Porthmadog 2015 104Wales Porthmadog 2015 105Wales Porthmadog 2015 124Wales Porthmadog 2015 126Wales Porthmadog 2015 135Wales Porthmadog 2015 138Wales Porthmadog 2015 146Wales Porthmadog 2015 155Wales Porthmadog 2015 165


Porthmadog beach

Wales Porthmadog 2015 359Wales Porthmadog 2015 363Wales Porthmadog 2015 370


Wales Porthmadog 2015 018Wales Porthmadog 2015 037