Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Harriet’s first day at school.

Its official, she is growing up.  Harriet started school today and so far is enjoying it enormously.  As is usual, it was Toby that caused all the trouble, by first insisting on running into a wall and then having a series of crises wanting to stay at school when Harriet was dropped off.  He also took great interest in Harriet school shoes when we were trying to take the obligatory photos on her first morning (below).  He does like a new pair of too-big shoes to walk around in. 

Anyway, the “main event” of Harriet actually going to school and coming out again went very well.  We are very proud, and obviously feeling rather old as well. 

We have had to be careful what we said recently – phrases like “Poor child, school was awful and I was glad to leave!” would probably not do anything for her optimism!

IMG_6713 - Copy (2)