Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Nest

I have a hedge.  A big hedge.  About 4 metres tall and it appears to just about double its size every year.  So, just as in any other Spring, I took my shears and a ladder last week to launch my annual assault.  Harriet and Toby were happy to help of course.

half term, hedge, bandstand 002

Then when two thirds of the hedge had been hacked down I found a problem.  A nest.  I assumed this was an old abandoned thing and it was very high up, but I managed to stand on the top of my ladder and hold my camera over it…


Damn.  I stopped at this point and was concerned I had disturbed the nest too much – then after some careful monitoring we got photographic evidence the nest was still occupied.


After thinking we might have thrushes, we identified them as blackbirds – blue eggs with brown speckles is right and the “mummy” is indeed brown rather than black.

Then after a couple of days we saw then Dad, getting food…


And then we saw the spadgers!  Am I the only person who calls baby birds “spadgers"?  There seems to be three that I can see, so there might be a couple more to hatch yet.  They appear to be hungry.  And not much is going on in the feather department.


Good thing I have a good zoom lens!   So anyway, this is our newly resident couple of day old Blackbird, enjoying the sunlight provided by my hacking their hedge protection down. 

He looks how I feel…


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