Monday, 28 June 2010

Holiday in Highcliffe

Just come back from a very good and very hot holiday in Dorset at the Hobourne holiday park in Highcliffe:,+Dorset,+United+Kingdom&ll=50.740359,-1.687871&spn=0.003727,0.011319&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A

Unlike most holidays in our family we actually got good weather all week!  And no-one got ill.  If it wasn't for Toby the terrible nearly two year old attaining his usual quota of whinging I would have been worried something was up.  This is him having a strop at the aircraft museum near Bournemouth we went to because he would not keep his hat on in the sun.


They had a very good playground outside which Harrie thought was great.


And they both enjoyed the dancing in the evening with Sammy the Seahorse!  We enjoyed the attached bar.

DSCF0092  DSCF0103

Harrie enjoyed blowing bubbles (everyone likes bubbles)


And I got to swim in the sea for the first time in literally years!


And we took turns in the evening having walks in the evening when the kids were in bed and admiring the moon and sea and stuff.


Funnily enough after a week of playing and walking and not sleeping terribly well with the heat we had a quiet journey home.  This is the last picture of Toby before we set off home - he looks lively but was asleep for three and a half hours ten minutes after this was taken!


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Playing in the park while England lose at Football

In a very sensible use of time and resources we decided to decamp to the local park and listen to the band on a nice hot, sunny and quite deserted summer Sunday afternoon – deserted because everyone else wanted to watch England getting done over 4-1 by the Germans on TV.  I think we had the best idea!

We took bubbles (because everyone likes bubbles)


Harriet and Toby played football with a balloon, unaware that there were other, less interesting and certainly less successful, football games going on elsewhere…


And we admired (and climbed on) the fibreglass lions outside the Museum – part of the Pride of Northampton season apparently (whatever that is).


And then we did some running down hills too. 


Mum and Dad are on a post holiday diet, so instead of a bottle of bucks fizz or some Tuborg, we made too with a flask of tea, very nice it was too.  And the band on the Abington Park bandstand were marvellous.

Someone still kept coming over from the pub and updating us on the score though!  I guess there’s no escape.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Nest

I have a hedge.  A big hedge.  About 4 metres tall and it appears to just about double its size every year.  So, just as in any other Spring, I took my shears and a ladder last week to launch my annual assault.  Harriet and Toby were happy to help of course.

half term, hedge, bandstand 002

Then when two thirds of the hedge had been hacked down I found a problem.  A nest.  I assumed this was an old abandoned thing and it was very high up, but I managed to stand on the top of my ladder and hold my camera over it…


Damn.  I stopped at this point and was concerned I had disturbed the nest too much – then after some careful monitoring we got photographic evidence the nest was still occupied.


After thinking we might have thrushes, we identified them as blackbirds – blue eggs with brown speckles is right and the “mummy” is indeed brown rather than black.

Then after a couple of days we saw then Dad, getting food…


And then we saw the spadgers!  Am I the only person who calls baby birds “spadgers"?  There seems to be three that I can see, so there might be a couple more to hatch yet.  They appear to be hungry.  And not much is going on in the feather department.


Good thing I have a good zoom lens!   So anyway, this is our newly resident couple of day old Blackbird, enjoying the sunlight provided by my hacking their hedge protection down. 

He looks how I feel…