Monday, 5 April 2010

New word definition: Eastering

Harriet, being 4, sometimes has difficulty with words.  We then have to learn her the right ones.  Sorry, TEACH her the right ones.  Anyway, sometimes her new words catch on, and the current one is "Eastering" - as in "Easter" reinvented as a verb.  To Easter is to look around the house/garden/park for eggs.  Or indeed anything.  But at Easter and with a basket. Example sentences include:

"Come on Toby, we're going eastering"
"What are we eastering for today
"Look at all these eggs we just eastered for"

Still not sure whether it needs to start with a capital letter - since it is based on the name of the major festival of the Christian calendar but it is (a) a verb and (b) not really a word.  Harriet seems unconcerned by this, probably because she can't read and so is unaware of such grammar rules.

Heather encouraged this word creation behaviour by knitting several knitted egg holders with eyes and hats, in something she referred to for some time as "Project X" (I realised after a while that she might well be secretly saying "Project Eggs".) and we hunted (sorry, eastered) for them on at least 4 occasions over the Bank Holiday weekend.


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