Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pictures stuck to the fridge

Some things about parenting do change a bit - I don't think parents in the 50s needed to worry about the dangers of children being duped on a social networking site (unless some pen pal got out of hand which I am sure was more of a problem than you would think).  A recurring theme of children though is their endearing though apparently poor quality artwork which is hailed as a masterpiece by the parents and publically displayed on the white goods.

Our budding 4 year old artist Harriet appears to be moving out of her inevitable toddler impressionist phase and is now producing pictures that resemble reality in some small way.  We are, needless to say, astounded by her abilities.  I am even more impressed as she is producing her best work in the very nice version of Paint that comes with Windows 7.

This does leave us with an issue though since we have no colour printer - pinning to the fridge is not an option (unless I tape a monitor to it, which I have considered).  So its going to have to be the website.

By Harriet (aged 4)

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