Saturday, 9 January 2010

Alternative Cutlery

SDC14799Toby has continued his development from a baby into a crazy toddler with a recent bizarre trend in not wanting to use cutlery to eat with but using toys instead. 

To be honest he was not very good with the whole spoons thing anyway - he had developed spoon control that was 90% perfect - it was the last 10% where the spoon was nearly at his mouth and turned upside down that was a problem. 

Still, the latest issue is that he chooses something random he can see off the table and eats with that instead.  It started with just the spoon the wrong way around.  Then it was a favoured penguin (or "wenwin" as he says), then a more random seal - and today a small wooden church tower.

In case this wasn't immediately obvious, eating with a small wooden church tower is not efficient.  I don't think its going to catch on.

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