Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Rice Cake eating as a social ill

Rice Cakes Not AllowedRecently I started what I thought was a commendable attempt to reduce my snacking on chocolate, sweets and (most seriously) biscuits in the office.  This would have many benefits on my weight, energy levels and the number of pointless conversations in the office on which was better - Rich Tea or Digestives? 

Clearly Digestives.

Anyway, after researching low calorie snack alternatives (its not realistic to just "not eat", or even simply "stop eating when no longer hungry" - that'd never work) I settled on the inoffensive rice cake.  They are cheap, I think they are tasty, best of all they are virtually fat free. 

After two days of this new regime I have had to abandon my new snack after what I can only describe as a vicious campaign of hatred and intimidation by my previously benign work colleagues.  Little did I realise how smelly these things were!  I was informed in no uncertain words that I was indulging in an anti-social activity and should stop.

Now that I am aware of the seriousness of this issue, I think action should be taken.  Clearly it would be unfair to just introduce a rice cake ban, but I would like to suggest the following:

  • Banning of consumption of rice cakes in enclosed public spaces, including pubs and other workplaces
  • A labelling system on packets of rice cakes - "Rice cakes harm those around you" and "People will like you less if you buy these" should do
  • Raise the minimum age for buying rice cakes to 16
  • Provision of outdoor shelters for the eating of rice cakes near workplaces.  These should be separate from smoking shelters, in order to protect the smokers.
  • Introduction of rice cake patches to allow addicts to reduce their cravings
  • Punitive taxes on all rice cake sales

Hopefully these simple measures will stop others making the same mistakes as me.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Alternative Cutlery

SDC14799Toby has continued his development from a baby into a crazy toddler with a recent bizarre trend in not wanting to use cutlery to eat with but using toys instead. 

To be honest he was not very good with the whole spoons thing anyway - he had developed spoon control that was 90% perfect - it was the last 10% where the spoon was nearly at his mouth and turned upside down that was a problem. 

Still, the latest issue is that he chooses something random he can see off the table and eats with that instead.  It started with just the spoon the wrong way around.  Then it was a favoured penguin (or "wenwin" as he says), then a more random seal - and today a small wooden church tower.

In case this wasn't immediately obvious, eating with a small wooden church tower is not efficient.  I don't think its going to catch on.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowy Britain

Excellent snowy picture of Britain by NASA - a very good use of the American's tax dollars. 

If you zoom in a bit you can see people stuck at home, slipping about, complaining bitterly about the lack of grit and saying crazy things like how things were better during the war.

Meanwhile I've been taking slightly smaller snowy pictures than NASA.