Sunday, 25 October 2009

15 months of baby insomnia

Well, last week Toby made it to 15 months. This is an important age as it has been previously voted (by us) as the perfect child age. They are not so old that they either stay out late, smoke, swear or talk all the time about Thomas the Tank Engine (only one of these has been achieved by our oldest, Harriet, so far), but they aren't an immobile baby either. They're walking (or crawling really well - we have a walker finally), saying some words quite badly and generally is peaking on the cuteness scale. The older children (just Harriet in our case - three and a half years of fun) are interested in chasing the newly mobile kid.

But our happy family hides a dark secret. Dark because its about the night - Toby is an insomniac.

In 65 weeks of nightly sleeping opporunties Toby has managed to sleep through on about two occasions, which given we weren't expecting it didn't help us. We have in the meantime tried just about everything, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Co-sleeping (baby in bed)
  • Banning co-sleeping (baby ushered back to cot for excessive crawling)
  • Feeding to sleep (works in the short term)
  • Banning feeding at night (since he started waking for the milk)
  • Controlled crying
  • Constant attention
  • Back rubbing (his, not ours - he likes it but its hard without Mr Tickle hands)
  • Ear plugs (us, not him)
  • Cuddle blankets (him, not us)
  • Dummies
  • Pleading

The main problem appears to be that he is teething more or less constantly. But basically, he appears to have raging insomnia. Maybe he has worries we're not aware of - where his next teddy is coming from perhaps.

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining and in the case of the parent with a insomniac baby its complaining. Its great to list last night's waking times to non-parents and watch their look of horror at what they might have to endure in the future. It can even get competitive with other insomniac baby parents, seeing who had the worst night last night ("Awake from 4am? That's nothing, I went to sleep at 3am and was up getting breakfast 10 minutes later!").

If we've said it once we must have said it a thousand times since last July. Its a good job he is cute...

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