Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Toby - one year down...

Well, its been a year since our dreams came true when our second child emerged screaming into our lives in the middle of the night.

Some things have not changed since then.

He's still the lightest sleeper ever (but better than when he was 6 months old and was virtually an insomniac) and is no stranger to 3am. He appears to have been teething more or less constantly since he was 9 weeks old but only managed to grow 6 teeth, 4 of which appeared in the same week. He's a clingy little monster as well, something of a shock after Harriet, who while fond of us appeared to only tolerate our presence rather than requiring it for at least the first two years.

He has come on since birth in some other ways though. Standing happily since 3 months and crawling very well since March, he has finally taken his first step this week, albeit reluctantly. He also appears to be moving away from his inate clingyness copying his sister in having an "adventurous spirit" - i.e. he can cover the whole staircase in under 15 seconds holding a toy car and wants to climb on the roof of the playhouse rather than just play in it.

He has accumulated an impressive vocabulary for one so young. He can now say (in order of firstwordness):
  • Tick tock
  • Bubble
  • Tiger
  • Hiya (as in hello, not a karate chop - though he does seem to like hitting, being a boy)

I'm not sure where conversations can go with just those words. We think he is trying to say "ball" and "book" as well, but they just sound a bit like "baaaa". Give him time.

And he is a cute little boy and good on the photos, which we have found is enough to get us through the bad days as we have lots of nice pictures to look at and remind us of the good bits. Especially with those scary blue eyes. My newhew Matthew told me in great detail how Heather and I (both with brown eyes) must both be "carriers", which sounded quite frightening.

So broadly speaking Toby, well done for getting through the first year, being basically good natured, friendly, interesting and happy and not being a little baby anymore.

We'll keep you after all.

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