Sunday, 22 March 2009

Toby finally gets mobile

After enduring 8 months of broken sleep and a small amount of whinging during the days (it was loads - seriously Toby, we love you, but there have been more content babies!) Toby has finally done what he has been trying to do since about three days old and on his 8 months birthday managed to crawl. I say this as if it was a first, actually he had been crawling for a good week but only backwards - clearly not as satisfying, though he did amusingly keep getting stuck under things. Still, he did cheer up immesurably since he could finally do what he wanted and attack the world, one toy, sister and cable at a time. No more whinging, just time to find the stair gates.

Anyway, since we only seem to only produce intrepid children he was happy for a good 48 hours and is now trying to walk. And climb the stairs.

But they were a happy 48 hours...

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