Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Northampton Balloon Festival cancelled

What an enormous surprise! Northampton takes another faltering step towards being just another faceless boring town as the Balloon festival goes the way of St Crispin's Street Fair and the Northampton Show in Abington Park and gets cancelled by the Council to apparently save an astonishing £3 per council tax payer. So this leaves us with ... yes, the Carnival is the only fun to be had in the town now unless its just snowed or you're out for a curry on the Wellingborough Road.

My New Years Resolution not to moan on my blog is going badly. But my other one not to just use the blog to mention which child has which tooth is going better (Toby has two, and he can give a right nip with them...)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow finally arrives and nearly destroys civilization

Thanks to the weather for providing the first proper snow since about 1870 and the chance for me to play in the snow. Sorry, I meant for Harriet to play in the snow, with proper parental supervision. She made a couple of lovely snowmen - okay, so I made them, she is only three and it would have taken ages. Its only a shame that the wet and dull weather has returned and the snowmen have disappeared, leaving their carrots behind of course.