Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Toby reaches six months and own feet.

Toby (also known as "the boy" or "child number 2" if he is in trouble, which is often) has reached his 6 month milestone - Happy Half Birthday Toby!

In that time he's proved to be a bad sleeper (slept through twice so far - the last time about three months ago) and a clingy baby, but on the upside he has a lovely smile and very bendy legs, as seen in this photo. I'm not sure what career this is going to lead him towards!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Free entertainment for car obsessed toddlers - Coventry Transport Museum

We had a brainwave today about what to do with a toddler who is obsessed with cars, buses, tractors and the like - take her to the Transport Museum in Coventry to run about.

She enjoyed this greatly overall but ran straight past 90% of the cars. The highlight for her was not Thrust 2, vintage tractors, the De Loreon or old Formula One cars. It was a broken old Peugeot 106 with no front doors that she was allowed to climb in. She was in it for ages, giving Heather and I a rare chance to actually read the information on some nearby cars, including Princess Diana's actual red Metro!