Monday, 20 October 2008

Toby - the Amazing Teething Baby

Well, after 13 weeks of hell (sorry, 13 weeks of getting to know our little bundle of joy - not to mention getting to know 3am, alcoholism and premature ageing) we have finally worked out that the current problem is teething. In fact we reckon he was teething by 8 weeks, which was about 10 seconds after he got over the shock of being born. The current evidence is:
  • Constant dribbling
  • Keeps going off his food
  • Night waking just when we think he's got over all that nonsense
  • Hands permanently in mouth (see photo)
  • The two teeth that clearly have about one layer of skin over in his mouth.

At least at this rate he should have all his teeth by about 7 months!