Monday, 11 August 2008

Toby Edward Jakeman is born

In what must be a textbook case of not learning from our mistakes, we've produced Child Number Two. Toby was born on the 18th August and has lovely blue eyes, which have no hope of remaining blue with all the brown eye genes in my family ganging up on them.

Here, have a nice (if admittadly slightly Photoshopped) picture of him trying to make a phone call on a rattle. Hopefully his technology skills will improve over time...

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Anonymous said...

How yall, Just got into computers 1 mos. ago. Oh, congradulations on Toby. Had a wild hair to look up my last name on google. Looks like yall live up north. We're in the south. Jakeman is not a very common name down here. they say we came from the black forest in Germany. God Bless and congradulations again, BUBBA