Friday, 18 April 2008

Time to waste time

Normally I consider the Computing Magazine ( that keeps landing on my work desk despite me never asking for it and even changing companies to get away from it to to be nothing but a well wrapped up Dilbert cartoon. Normal procedure on getting this wonderful mag is to turn to the back, read the cartoon, throw it into the recycling and complain about how printed media is obsolete.

But there was one story in it about a timewasting site which I have to admit makes it worth having read beyond the cartoon. Its a live game where you try to make up words with letters (like on a fridge) while others steal your letters and make up words themselves. Pointless but enormous fun. In their own words: "This is so much more exciting than whatever you did this morning: this is truly what the internet was created for". I could not agree more!

Have a go at

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Ed Jakeman said...

I should point out I did not write "fed up" while at work at TP!