Monday, 20 October 2008

Toby - the Amazing Teething Baby

Well, after 13 weeks of hell (sorry, 13 weeks of getting to know our little bundle of joy - not to mention getting to know 3am, alcoholism and premature ageing) we have finally worked out that the current problem is teething. In fact we reckon he was teething by 8 weeks, which was about 10 seconds after he got over the shock of being born. The current evidence is:
  • Constant dribbling
  • Keeps going off his food
  • Night waking just when we think he's got over all that nonsense
  • Hands permanently in mouth (see photo)
  • The two teeth that clearly have about one layer of skin over in his mouth.

At least at this rate he should have all his teeth by about 7 months!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Controvesy over who won the Olympics

Okay, so there isn't any controversy, but I am trying to stir it up anyway.

Basically, it was China. They got the most golds, they got the most points, they won.

Unless you ask the Americans when they might well say they won since they got the most medals. A friend of mine over there at the moment said their media were pretty much saying just that.

Then what if you work out who got the most medals vs their population, or even better their land area. Surely, Team GB would win - or at least we'd be statistically certain to beat China, the US and that chilly top half of Europe and Asia, Russia.

But what if the EU was a country. Now I am not the most ardent EU supporter, but if we are talking about winning here, perhaps we can set aside our differences, not to mention centuries of hostility, warfare and not knowing what each other are saying without a guide book and lots of pointing. So I did a dig on whether the EU would have won if it was a single country, and it turns out we would! So here is the PROPER medal table from Beijing 2008:

EU - 27

Thanks to this site for saving me all the adding up.

Now the pedants will point out we would not have been allowed to field 27 countries worth of competitors if we were a united Europe, but that's just picking holes. Let's unite for victory in London 2012!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust - for train obsessed Toddlers everywhere?

Just a quick note on a very good attraction that Heather found in Northampton - the Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust (or NIRT - I think they could have thought of a better name myself). Its in Hunsbury and Harriet, in the middle of a Thomas the Tank Engine obsession as she is, thought it was super. They have a pile of pleasantly decaying rolling stock, a small crane that looks like it will never move again, a tony model railway and a working deisel with a little run of track it can trundle up and down on. £5 bought me and a very excited toddler a nice little run through the woods. Overall the whole thing was highly recommended!

Sadly this did not terrify her obsession out of her, instead she seemed to think this was worryingly normal.

Anyway, here is a lovely picture of her staring adoringly up at a rusting crane (she called it Cranky).

See for more details!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Toby Edward Jakeman is born

In what must be a textbook case of not learning from our mistakes, we've produced Child Number Two. Toby was born on the 18th August and has lovely blue eyes, which have no hope of remaining blue with all the brown eye genes in my family ganging up on them.

Here, have a nice (if admittadly slightly Photoshopped) picture of him trying to make a phone call on a rattle. Hopefully his technology skills will improve over time...

Friday, 18 April 2008

Time to waste time

Normally I consider the Computing Magazine ( that keeps landing on my work desk despite me never asking for it and even changing companies to get away from it to to be nothing but a well wrapped up Dilbert cartoon. Normal procedure on getting this wonderful mag is to turn to the back, read the cartoon, throw it into the recycling and complain about how printed media is obsolete.

But there was one story in it about a timewasting site which I have to admit makes it worth having read beyond the cartoon. Its a live game where you try to make up words with letters (like on a fridge) while others steal your letters and make up words themselves. Pointless but enormous fun. In their own words: "This is so much more exciting than whatever you did this morning: this is truly what the internet was created for". I could not agree more!

Have a go at

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ebay Feedback Generator

What a genius site! No longer do I have to sit there thinking of new and interesting ways to say "I bought something from this person and I got it without it being broken or the buyer stealing my credit card details / identity". A website can generate it for me. Definitely one of those things I wish I had thought of first!

As Heather said when I showed it to her - "Excellent product! Highly Recommended. A+++++++++++"!

Monday, 10 March 2008

New Jakeman planned

In what must be a fit if insanity we have decided that we still have too much time and money on our hands with only one child, so for anyone who does not yet know, here is a photo of the developing "fourth Jakeman".

Do you think he/she looks like me?

We should find out in July!