Monday, 27 August 2007

Northampton Balloon Festival a runaway success again!

Thanks to Northampton for staging another wonderful event in the form of the Balloon Festival 2007! In this picture you can see the amazing moment that the balloons were all ready to set off for the early morning launch on Saturday morning. In retrospect the crowd control barriers you can see were overkill since there were about 17 people there at that time. And we still outnumbered the balloons by 100%, something that continued for the whole remainder of the weekend as all the launches were cancelled.

We shouldn't blame the council for the weather of course - we should blame them for charging us £4 to go onto the Racecourse. Normally people would pay money to get OFF the Racecourse! There were the stalls of course, which appeared to be the same ones as last year, the year before, and the 78 years before that.

Anyway, if you missed the 6am Saturday "launch", here are some photos of the rather eerie festival...